Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Village of Redgorge

Other Names: The Spellmason Hold.
Political/Religious Affiliations: Domain of Cauldron; Church of Bast (minor); Church of Brenna (minor); Church of Hades (major); Church of Jalivier (minor).
Power Center: Conventional (mayor).
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Population: 750
Demographics: Mixed [79% human, 9% dwarf (hill), 5% halfling (hairfoot), 3% elf (urbanite), 2% dwarf (high), 1% half-elf, 1% other races]
Fortified?: Yes; basalt stone (thick); these fortifications are as impressive as the walls surrounding Cauldron, towering over the village. The walls were built by Surabar Spellmason in a single week, with the use of powerful spells.
Epic?: No.
GP Limit: 200 gp
Assets: 7,500 gp
Main Import: Foodstuffs.
Main Export: Iron ore.
Authority Figures: Krank Qallar, local marshal, leader of the local militia, and member of the Disciples of the Bloodsun (male human); Sind Nebern, mayor of Redgorge (female human); Pragat Millak, bailiff (male human).
Important Characters: Alvyr Zanathor, head of the temple of Hades (male human); Ekaym Smallcask, well-known linguist (male human); Freadre ”Freddy” Winddusk, devotee of Jalivier (male half-elf); Gunnloda Smokepowder, local warmage and a member of the Disciples of the Bloodsun (female mul); Oliron Masht, village architect (male human); Rrhondaa, local druid and member of the Disciples of the Bloodsun (female kitt); Sirus Youngmay, avenger of Bast (male human).
Organizations: Disciples of the Bloodsun, Order of the Silver Hand, Strider of the Dawn, The Chisel (guild), and Warders of Law.
Noble Houses: Garthûn (dwarven), Masht, Nebern, Qallar, Smallcask, and Youngmay.
Adventurers Welcome?: Yes
Notes: See page 58 of DUNGEON Magazine #104 for a map of the Village of Redgorge.

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