Thursday, December 04, 2003


Copyright 2003 (C) Robert Blezard.

Last day,
Thirteen painful years were about to be over.
I should have been happy.
I was never more sad then I was that day.

She never knew,
At least that’s the hope I always clung to.
I hid it for years,
Afraid of the shadows in my mind.

Last test,
She finished way before me.
I thought that was it,
I’d never see her again.

There wasn’t anyone to blame but myself.
Heart beating,
How I ever passed I’ll never know.

One thing left,
Just have to clean out my locker.
I should have know,
I was never lucky in thirteen years of hell.

A door opens,
She comes out of the washroom.
Fitting and funny,
That place hadn’t finished flushing away my soul.

She spoke,
Time seemed to slow as my fear rose.
What and now,
It’s all I remember her saying.

Behind me,
I keep my back to her so she can’t see the pain.
Don’t and know,
It’s all I remember saying in response.

Then it was over,
I left my youth and heart in that place.
Part of me I’ll never get back haunts those halls.

Final Night

Final Night
Copyright 2003 (C) Robert Blezard.

The beast races through the night its eyes burning with amber hatred. It stalks the prey through the night, driven by passion and a lust for blood.

The trees of the Morrowwood pass by as nothing more than a wind of leaves and branches. It leaps and swerves through the mist and shadows of dusk.

At last it comes to the edge of the Valleywode and pauses just long enough to catch the scent of its prey. With teeth bared and a snarl the beast lunges down the valley rim.

It knows that the prey has gone to the Widdenloc to try to soak away its scent. But not even the water can hide the sweet smell of racing blood.

It nears the lake and slows to follow the trail more carefully. It can sense the prey, breathing heavy and shivering in the cold water.

The beast finds the prey hidden among the watertails, its eyes wide and fearful. It growls deep down within, hungry for the kill.

She is the perfect prey, flesh so soft and tender. It can smell the hot blood pounding through her veins.

And yet... it pauses unable to strike, something about her reminds it of what it once was. It howls with rage and torment, for it knows it cannot destroy her.

So perfect is her form and grace as she bolts away in fear. The beast, unable to follow, hangs its head in despair and pain.

The beast urges its starving frame along the shores of the Widdenloc. Its last hope for survival gone with the retreating mist.

It drags its hollow body upon a low stone and waits for the morn. It catches the first light of dawn off the Widdenloc in its eyes.

The beast knows that it has hunted the perfect prey. It knows that it has truly lived as it drifts away into the darkness.


Copyright 2003 (C) Robert Blezard.

The Lord is my Shepard...
No, that's not it.
My faith's not like that.
It's more like.
The Lord...

Is my Shield.
He protects me from the darkness,
That I face each day and night.
In my soul.

Is my Sword.
Sheathed in His radiance.
To fight the madness,
Tormenting my mind.

Is His gift to us.
His greatest weapon,
Wielded by all who believe.
His humanity at its best.

Is my strength unleashed.
Driving me to live.
To fight each day,
God's soldier in the darkness.
I Believe...

The Lord is my Shield.
Faith is my Sword.
Love is His gift to us.
He is my strength unleashed.


I woke up today sick as a dog. My throat hurts, my head hurts, my chest hurt. I slept half the day away and then bummed around at home feeling horrible.

Ugh, I hate being sick.

I wanted to go to Dr. Rosenstock's office today but just wasn't up for going out anywhere. I did try a new website though, after reading about it on a blog, belonging to a lady named Axlandra. I admit I came across her blog and the whole Blogger experience looking for someone else who calls herself Axlandra. And that's all I'm going to say about that.


Anyway, the website is called Sony ImageStation. Here's the url:

It's kind of cool and I created a few photo albums, but my mind wasn't really into it. I'll go back and add more when I'm feeling better. Ugh. (Whoops, I totally forgot about this. - Edit)

I'm definitely going to see Dr. Rosenstock tomorrow. I hope I don't have strep throat.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Electric Atmosphere

Electric Atmosphere
Copyright 2003 (C) Robert Blezard.

It happened the first day,
I stepped out of the elevator.
I knew it would be eerie.
I close my eyes and drift back.
Eight years in time my mind travels.
The memories are just as vivid.
I remember the first day.
New friends,
New experiences,
Rock thunders soul.
The mind expanded,
The heart explored.
Inhibitions lost,
Chances taken.
I began to live.

I began to see the world around me.
I see her and knew real passion,
Powered by electric atmosphere.
Every sense awoke to her presence.
She inspired the words of,
Darkness of the Night,
My muse,
Of the Emotion captured,
And the Pain torn away,
She rebuilt the bridge,
Of imagination,
The Dark Heart,
Took hold of me,
In this place.

And in this place it happens again.
I can hear her alive spirit,
Her presence is strong.
It infects my entire being.
Returns with a vengeance of heart.
It burns the mind,
Electrifies the soul once more.
I write again,
I sense everything,
Every word spoken,
Electric air,
Shocks the skin.
No one can see,
But I experience it,
The past is alive.

Darkness of the Night

Darkness of the Night
Copyright 2003 (C) Robert Blezard.

They say that life is like the road. Full of curves and rocks and holes.
That each of us must decide the way to go.
To choose between the quick and easy path or the long and slow.
And while this is true of the life most lead, I say there is more to know.
For the road turns left and right.
And one must decide between the paths of darkness and light.

While it might seem clear at first, too enter the light.
More than many that I have known chose the night.
Then it came time to choose my own way in life.
I could not choose the light.
Instead I chose quiet darkness to guide my soul.
Now some say only evil exists in the dark.
Untrue says the burning fire within my heart.

So when you reach the crossroads of life.
And cannot decide whether to go left or right.

Our souls may cross in the darkness of the night.

Dark Heart

Dark Heart
Copyright 2003 (C) Robert Blezard

A heart is a shadowed grave.
Life is gone.
A soul lives to be turned.
Cold fire purifies.
Freedom stands afar.
Fate intervenes.
Just a moment too late.

Breath is living soul.
And love is the only way to fly.
From the cradle to sky.
To everlasting life.
From death of soul.
To love of strife.
Humanity is my home.

A vision of devastation.
Fighting mine.
Hand to shade the light.
Burning rain.
Break the back of hope.
Its ghost resurrects.
Into the world again.

A finger points at hate.
Sword cuts deep.
Might by pen to flesh.
Falling down.
Run to the edge of Heaven.
Hot air.
Drowns the saints.

Poetry Transfers Start Here

Ok' I'm going to use this site to archive my poetry from the section on my website called The Shadowdark. I'm going to repost them here alphabetically. I'm also hoping to move some of my other written material here to free up space on The Crossroads.

Battling the Past
Copyright 2003 (C) Robert Blezard.

It tears through,
To the core of knowledge,
And the physical being.
It rages through heart.
Unchecked darkness,
Makes it strong.
I feel it everywhere,
An army of anger,
Invading my soul.
It howls, it cries,
It torments.

Close your eyes,
And you will see.
Lightning flashes,
Through vein,
And electrocutes love.
It moves from core of heart,
Through blood and bone,
Touching every limb,
Burning the senses.
Boiling the blood,
And charring strength.

Kneeling there,
In the other realm,
Is my soul self.
Hands raised to sky,
Defying the torment,
As the lightning,
Tears its core.
It cries out,
Thunder not voice,
Echoes through my soul.
The last battle has begun.


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