Monday, February 25, 2008

What to Write?

So what should be my goal for this post. Well, I'm writing it mainly to make sure I don't forget to write something here. One of my friends told me recently that he's been reading my blog, so I feel obliged to write something here. (Hiya Scott.)

Anyway, here's the real skinny.

I'm having fun for the most part in my two GMCC classes. The material is making me think and being exposed to new opinions and people has inspired me to write more. Gaming writing and fiction writing for the most part, but I've been doing a lot more reading too.

There is a lot of political discussion in these classes, which isn't my thing; however, the discussions have made me realize that I'm going to need to delve deeper into the political world. It's not a happy realization and just the thought of reading about politics makes my skin crawl.

My Grammar instructor made a comment tonight about the idea that some of us (the students) might become political speech writers someday. All I could think about after hearing that idea was "God, I hope not" and "I'd rather poke my eyes out with a rusty fork."

I hate modern politics in almost every form.

So, the idea of writing a political essay about the pitfalls of language in the modern world based on a concept written by George Orwell in the mid '50s makes me queasy. It doesn't help that I found Mr. Orwell's comments a little biased and hypocritical.

Anyway, I'll think of something. I hope it doesn't kill too many of my brain cells.