Sunday, March 14, 2004

Neck Woes

Dr. Gregg doesn't think the damage to my neck is serious. Just a aggravated muscle/tendon/something in my neck. He gave me some anti-inflammatory meds, which have helped a little. Still very sore, although it didn't help that I pulled something in my back helping my friend Scott get his vehicle unstuck. (Grumble, Grumble.)

Now, if I could just write the 'incident' report about what happened without it being inflammatory. My case manager is a good guy, but what happened felt avoidable. I sat down with him and tried to work it out. The conversation was good and bad. We communicated but I still feel like he's not 100% on my side about what happened.

He termed my reactions, when it happened, as being manipulative. And I can see how someone might see it that way. I'm bad at trusting people. I've been burned in the past and I tend to shield myself. It's my issue, but it isn't going to go away overnight.

I still have to convince myself I want to get rid of my shield.

I feel this tremendous pressure to get over it, even though he says to take my time. Eventually, my family is going to even tell me to get over it. (They haven't yet, but it's only a matter of time.) The problem is that I'm tired of letting things go without a real resolution.

I think my case manager and I need to have another talk. (It's all good now. No worries. - Edit)


I finally got a chance to play D&D, with my friends, in months last night. It was a good stress reliever and distraction. first, we all sat down and watched Interview with a Vampire and chowed down before creating some new low-level PCs. Fought some kobolds and an owlbear. It was 2am when we stopped.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Sports Post

Tomorrow I go to see Dr. Gregg at the Edmonton Sport Institute about the pain I've been having in my neck ever since the 'accident' last week at OSPS. Hopefully, he'll be able to give me something to help with the pain. Also, I definitely now want an MRI done on my neck. (Didn't happen, doctor knows best. - Edit)

Anyway, just watched the Oilers and Flames kiss the sister, as they say in hockey circles. (A 1-1 tie for those not in the know.) The Oilers really needed the two points and even had a power play in Overtime. They needed the extra point to keep pace with the Blues who won tonight. (Grumble, Grumble.)

The Oil have to play the Avs tomorrow and then the Canucks on Friday night. Big games, big points. Go Oilers Go!

On a related note, they traded away Tommy Salo today before the end of the NHL Trade Deadline. They traded for a young prospect. Salo has been struggling all year and has always been a little inconsistent. I was his biggest fan when he originally came to the Oilers but times change and Kevin Lowe obviously has confidence in Ty Conklin to handle the load down the stretch. We'll have to wait and see.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Trade Deadline!!!

Gotta go, my sister wants to use my PC for a bit. Plus, I don't want to stay up to late as I don't want to miss the NHL Trade Deadline, which is on REALLY early tomorrow.


Hmm, I just noticed I've been putting Copyright 1993. Duh, that should have been Copyright 2003 and, now, 2004. Hmm, maybe I can fix it. (And I did. - Edit)

I Remember

I Remember
Copyright 2004 (C) Robert Blezard.

It’s like I’m still standing there.
The driveway seemed shorter,
Then the first time I was there.
Of course, it had been summer then,
The trees were green, alive.
Not sleeping on a cold evening in February.
The driveway had been lined with cars that day.
I remember…

A picnic table… there it is.
The house… seemed larger the first time.
A wooden porch… looks worn and old now.
Cat… more than one.
A path… surrounded by green and flowers.
A pool built into a deck… in the back.
But most of all… I remember the view.
I remember…

Trees spread in every direction.
A meshwork of green and brown,
That captivated my soul…
Or at least what was left of it.
It was at that moment that I knew,
I never had a chance.
My heart would never leave this place.
I remember…

It wasn’t the view I loved.
No, that was just the final nail.
And here I was again,
Standing in front of the house.
A message went from hand to porch.
I did not go to the back.
I did not have to see it.
I remember.

The Write Rules

The Write Rules seminar was interesting. I learned some interesting concepts regarding business writing. Concepts regarding spelling and grammar that have changed since I went to high school.

In other news, a little accident happened at On-Site Placement Services last week. I'll simply say it involved my case manager, a dog's hard rubber chew toy, and a pain in my neck. Nothing more about that.

The main reason for me blathering on here is that I feel like I'm really neglecting this blog. Part of me says 'who has the time', while another part of me says 'well, you took the time to create it, so don't waste it'. So far, I'm still divided on it all.

I've resolved myself to write more even if it is to say 'nothing new today'.

Anyway, time to post another poem. (see next post.)