Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two Souls

Two Souls
Copyright 2004 (C) Robert Blezard

A fate of two souls,
One made of light,
The other of black, evil, night.
One will give his friendship freely,
The other horde’s his own.
One will give his place to others,
No matter if his need is great.
The other steals the joy from life,
Growling at society’s rules.
And yet they are one.
They share the same mind and heart.

The light cherishes his family,
While the black one hates the strife.
Both would die for freedom.
One for freedom’s sake,
The other for glorious death.
Even on love they agree.
The good soul worries and protects,
The evil soul denies and refuses.
There is joy, tenderness, and love of life.
But not love of the heart.
The souls deem it too much to risk.

I am those two souls.

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