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Heroes of First Defense (Part One)

Main Characters
All Chronicle Three heroes are considered enhanced humans due to genetic engineering (controlled mutation) and many of its heroes have also developed superpowers. In truth, the superpowers come from the Energy of Guardians that integrated itself into the life force of the planet.

William Aguilar
Code Name: Darkstar
Country: Spain
Hometown: Toledo
Powers: 5 to 8.
Mutations: None.
Psionics: Yes
Quote: “Get the hell out of my way, I have a war against evil to win!”

Background: When the WUA finally agreed to form First Defense, they decided to honor the First Guardian by assuring that there would always be a Guardian with the code name of Darkstar. It was also decided that the first person to be given that code name was to be from Europe, where the First Guardian was considered a hero. The WUA, since its inception, has always had to worry about terrorist attacks from radical extremists, and it was a Spanish soldier in the Army of the European Union (AEU) that saved the President of the WUA from a suicide bomber.

This hero was William Aguilar, who would become the next Darkstar.

Darkstar is a 2nd generation Spaniard whose family came across the Atlantic from Canada during the Exodus. His grandfather wished to escape the increasingly fast paced life taking over the North American continent and decided to settle in Spain. He married a local girl and William was the result. Darkstar’s parents died when he was very young, and he inherited the small estate his father had purchased. He spent his youth learning academics and playing football and was considered the best striker on his team. Many thought he would go pro.

However, Darkstar instead decided to join the AEU on his 21st birthday. He served the European Union both on Earth, as well as throughout the solar system. Saving the President of the WUA hadn’t been a big deal to him. It was part of his job. However, when asked to join First Defense to become the next Darkstar, he couldn’t refuse. He takes his job as a Guardian very seriously, almost too seriously. He considers being given the code name Darkstar to be a great honor and an even greater responsibility. So much so that he tends to be moody and temperamental.

Michael Starter
Code Name: Ironhawk
Country: USA
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Powers: 1
Mutations: 3
Quote: Response to above... “You need to learn how to relax. If it were up to you these aliens would attack tomorrow. You really need to learn how to relax... here, have a beer.”

Background: A veteran of the Central American War that freed Central America from tyranny, in 2265, Ironhawk is easy going and is happiest when he has his buddies around him and the game is on. However, when in combat he is as serious as they come. Ironhawk is the consummate leader on the battlefield and there is little that his enhanced strength and constitution can’t handle. He is charismatic but a little naïve about the state of the world. He has a tendency to not be able to see the big picture.

Ironhawk knows Darkstar means well but he believes that the Guardians will need to fight with guts and determination, not unbridled emotions, when the Darkness comes. That's why he leads the core group of Guardians and Darkstar doesn't. At least, that is what the leaders of Department 7 would have him believe. In truth, Ironhawk only leads the Guardians on the battlefield and, even then, only on Earth. (Darkstar has more support amongst the colonies of the Solar Union, which is a member of the WUA.)

Denise Conroy
Code Name: Firestorm
Country: England
Hometown: London
Tech: 2
Mutations: 3; must have a flight mutation.
Quote: “I can fly... can you?”
Background: Young, attractive, punk rock listening, bantam starload firing, kick your ass if you piss her off, British woman. That's how Firestorm describes herself to those who only see the woman and not the Guardian. Firestorm believes that she should either be second-in-command of the Guardians or that Darkstar should listen to her more.

However, Firestorm doesn't hate Darkstar – she's just a little worried that when the Darkness arrives he might get the bulk of the First Defense force killed. She recognizes that he has abilities that she and the other members of First Defense could only dream of. Yet, she believes he is not commander material and too hotheaded. Of course, many would say the same thing about her, just not to her face.

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