Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hold of Kul Moren

Hold of Kul Moren
Small City
Other Names: Clans of the Silverbeard
Political/Religious Affiliations: Church of Berronar (major); Church of Calphas (minor); Church of Clangeddin (major); Church of Cull (minor); Church of Dugmaren (minor); Church of Dumathoin (major); Kord (major); Church of Moradin (major); Church of Muamman (minor); Church of Ulaa (major); Cult of Erich; Cult of the Kul Kings; Cult of Mór Mac Iomhair.
Power Center: Nonstandard (clan elders).
Alignment: Lawful good
Population: 6,000
Demographics: Mixed [84% dwarf (hill & high), 6% halfling (hairfoot), 5% human, 2% elf (urbanite & half-elf), 2% kobold, 1% other races]
City Type: Founded.
Fortified?: Yes; underground.
Epic?: No.
GP Limit: 15,000 gp
Assets: 4,500,000 gp
Main Import: Livestock.
Main Export: Iron.
Authority Figures: Kragg Arduun, Master Clanwarden of Kul Moren (male dwarf [high]); The Stoneheart Wizard, Master Arcanist of Kul Moren (male dwarf [hill]); Toryn Stonecutter, The Silverbeard, Clanwarden and Master Smith of Kul Moren and member of the Order of the Silver Hand (male dwarf [hill]).
Important Characters: Barendd “Colossus” Reusbloed, mute clanless dwarf warrior who has become a hero (male dwarf [high] [giant-blooded]); Brandon Raimer, local fighter and hero (male human); Jarwyn Eskan, weaponsmith (male dwarf [high]); Lidda Hilltopple, local rogue and hero (female halfling [hairfoot]), Neepnal, local druid and hero (male kobold); Tanhk, adventurer and a friend of the Stonecutter Clan [male dwarf [high]); Tebul and Ushbarte Jokulsson, employees of Stonecutter Works (male dwarves [high]); The Four Brothers, soldiers of Kul Moren (male dwarves [hill]) ~.
Organizations: The Chisel (guild), Glazers Guild (new, restricted), Glittering Brotherhood (restricted), Order of the Silver Hand, Stonecutter Works, and the Wardens of Kul Moren (the city's militia).
Dwaven Clans: Arduun, Coldrock, Culder, Eskan, Imar, Phal, Ruthar, Stonecutter, and Stone-Heart. (There are more but these are the major ones.)
Adventurers Welcome?: Yes.
Notes: ~These were the four dwarves that the Order met on the road between Kul Moren and Mor's End, during the PCs journey that ended up in Pretensa.

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