Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Town of Duvik's Pass

Duvik's Pass
Small Town
Other Names: Plague Town (nickname)
Political/Religious Affiliations: Dominion of Cauldron; church of Bast (major)
Power Center: Nonstandard (guild), Conventional (watch captain)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Population: 2,000
Demographics: Mixed (80% human, 6% dwarf (hill), 5% halfling (hairfoot), 2% elf (urbanite), 2% kobold, 2% half-orcs, 2% elf (forest), 1% other races.
Fortified?: No
GP Limit: 800 gp
Assets: 80,000 gp
Main Import: Foodstuffs.
Main Export: Silver.
Authority Figure(s): Fenton Telmendon, Captain of the Watch (male human).
Important Characters: Azryn Kraghammer, ex-slave soldier (male dwarf [hill]); Devilo Winterwolf, a cartographer and an innkeeper, runs The Walking Stick (male elf); Dina Pepperwood, local wizard and adventurer (female human); Fulgar Anderwall, local fighter and adventurer (male dwarf [hill]); Lily Samual, Mistress of Bast and local healer (female human); Malina, local rogue (female half-elf); Miles, local warrior for hire (male human); Nellia, local sorceress (female tiefling); Willard Angolsire, member of the watch (male human).
Organizations: Mining Council, Town Watch, and Warders of Law.
Adventurers Welcome?: Yes, but watched carefully.
Notes: Duvik's Pass is a town described in the free online adventure, The Burning Plague, which can be found on Wizards of the Coasts website. This version of Duvik's Pass is set after that adventure. The plague was stopped, but not before a large number of the town's populace has either died or left for more hospitable lands.

Since the invasion by the armies of Flamerule the town's population has increased once again, and many of its former residents returned to fight the invaders. With the help of the Order of the Silver Hand the armies of Flamerule were ousted and the town freed.

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