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Originally posted on my Modern RPG Yahoo! Group (Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:05 pm), which I'm in the process of mothballing. The few posts I made there will be saved here or on my Project: Phoenix Facebook Page. I will be creating a new version of the group on Facebook but not quite yet.

Okay, this campaign idea is one I've had for some time now but I've
never really delved too much into it. The basic premise is that in the
Year 2005 portals from Otherworlds begin to appear across Earth. These
magical portals lead to various planes of reality whether they be D&D
Worlds, the outer planes, or other places beyond the cosmos.

The initial contact with the denizens of these Otherworlds is peaceful
but it doesn't last. Soon, conflict breaks out between our world and
several magical realms, which breaks the seals of magic preventing
magicks from working on Earth. Earth technology also bleeds into these
other realms, but not all of them.

Some of the Otherworlds include my various D&D campaign concepts such
as Time of Ages (major) and World of Kulan (minor). There will also be
connections to the various official D&D Worlds and the Dragonstar
universe as per my Arcanum of the Stars campaign. Regardless of the
other settings, this campaign concept will use the d20 Modern rules.

Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:34 am
Okay, so an interesting idea I came up with for this campaign concept
is that every person on Earth has a double somewhere on one of the

This includes both PCs and NPCs from AlterEarth. It could include
famous people from Earth's history or just someone I know from real
life. I think it would be fun to turn an old friend into a RPG
character on an Otherworld.



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