Friday, May 25, 2007

Health issues...

Okay, things were spiraling out of control for a while.

The month of april was not a good one. I went to the hospital 12 times in roughly a three week period. I had a endoscopic procedure done to check out my insides. I've been having terrible stomach and gut pain. It's a little better now, but I still feel "off".

The worse part is that the doctor's kept telling me there was nothing wrong or that it was all in my head.

Great, just great...

Sometimes, I really hate doctors.

Not all of them are bad, however. My GP is one of the good ones and he's been as helpful as humanly possible. I've been ordered to go swimming every day, which has helped with the pain issues.

Just before the gut pain started, I twisted my right knee a bit. Then just lat Sunday, while walking the library, I twisted my right ankle. I didn't worry too much about it at the time, as I've done that before, many times, to that ankle. The constant reoccurance of the "twisting" is a direct result of breaking the ankle when I was a teenager.

The doctor at the time, who's now passed on, refused to put my ankle in a cast. He told me and my parents that I was "too big" (i.e. fat) for a cast. It's never healed, and been a real problem ever since.

Like, I said, sometimes, I hate doctors. However, I will not speak ill of the dead.

May was a better month, but not by much. Hopefully, June will be a good month.