Monday, September 17, 2012

D&D/D20 Modern Aliens for use in the Guardian Chronicles

Originally posted on my Modern RPG Yahoo! Group on Sun May 1, 2011 12:35 pm.This post is likely posted on EN World as well, but I'm saving here just to be on the safe side.

D&D Monster Manual
• Githyanki
• Illithid (Darkness servant race)
• Warforged

D20 Menace Manual
• Gardhyi (Darkness servant race)
• Kinori (alternate/hidden Earth-based race; can be rivals or allies of to
• Kroath (possible Darkness allied race)
• Mothfolk
• Star Doppelganger (possible Darkness-corrupted creature)
• Zeikune (possible Darkness allied race)

D20 Future
• Aleerin (Mechalus)
• Dralasite
• Fraal (former Guardian race; in decline)
• Sesheyan (Darkness slave race)
• T'sa (possible Guardian Earth allied race)
• Vrusk
• Weren
• Yazirian (possible Guardian Earth allied race)

D20 Future Web Enhancement
• Dhamrin (slave race of the Medurr)
• Medurr
• Sathar (possible Darkness allied race)

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