Thursday, September 13, 2012

A New Day Dawns

Now that I've gone through the process of linking this blog to Facebook, I'll have more of a reason to use it. It will fun to be able to compose a post here and have it 'syndicate' to my Knightfall Press Facebook Page.

Thank you NetworkedBlogs!

Now, a bit of information about what Knightfall Press is and isn't. First of all, it is an outlet for my love of roleplaying and to showcase my writing. It is also where I often post assignments that I have completed for Grant MacEwan University courses. However, I foresee it being less about that, in the long run. I will let you all know how my night classes are going even if I don't post the end results of my writing.

In the past, this blog has been where I post my poetry, which can sometimes be a little dark and disturbing. However, since I don't really want Knightfall Press associated with my poetry, I doubt it will be posted here (unless it is fantasy or scifi related). I have another page for that material on Facebook called The Darkstar.

I've already copied over all of my old poems to the FB page, but I won't be deleting them from here unless they are a bit too explicate. (I've already deleted a few of the more intense poems.) Once I've added enough new content here, I'll probably go back and delete them all.

Links - I've now gone through and updated my list of links. Gone are the music links. Added are several links to blogs and web pages I've become interested in. Most of the new additions are gaming related, but a few are blogs or web pages of close personal friends.

(That reminds me, I must add Chris B.'s blog to the list.)

What To Expect Next - At this point, I cannot say for certain. There will be posts related to my current night class, Greek and Roman Mythology. After two classes, I can honestly say I'm psyched about this course. Reading the required Homeric Hymns and Hesiod books has been more like fun than work. I can hardly wait for my next class, although I do have readings that I'll have to catch up on. (I still don't have one of the textbooks, but I should have it by tomorrow.)

That's all for now,

Robert B.

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RPB said...

Blogs moved over to blogs widget. Still must add Chris's blog.