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Hold of Kul Moren

Hold of Kul Moren
Small City
Other Names: Clans of the Silverbeard
Political/Religious Affiliations: Church of Berronar (major); Church of Calphas (minor); Church of Clangeddin (major); Church of Cull (minor); Church of Dugmaren (minor); Church of Dumathoin (major); Kord (major); Church of Moradin (major); Church of Muamman (minor); Church of Ulaa (major); Cult of Erich; Cult of the Kul Kings; Cult of Mór Mac Iomhair.
Power Center: Nonstandard (clan elders).
Alignment: Lawful good
Population: 6,000
Demographics: Mixed [84% dwarf (hill & high), 6% halfling (hairfoot), 5% human, 2% elf (urbanite & half-elf), 2% kobold, 1% other races]
City Type: Founded.
Fortified?: Yes; underground.
Epic?: No.
GP Limit: 15,000 gp
Assets: 4,500,000 gp
Main Import: Livestock.
Main Export: Iron.
Authority Figures: Kragg Arduun, Master Clanwarden of Kul Moren (male dwarf [high]); The Stoneheart Wizard, Master Arcanist of Kul Moren (male dwarf [hill]); Toryn Stonecutter, The Silverbeard, Clanwarden and Master Smith of Kul Moren and member of the Order of the Silver Hand (male dwarf [hill]).
Important Characters: Barendd “Colossus” Reusbloed, mute clanless dwarf warrior who has become a hero (male dwarf [high] [giant-blooded]); Brandon Raimer, local fighter and hero (male human); Jarwyn Eskan, weaponsmith (male dwarf [high]); Lidda Hilltopple, local rogue and hero (female halfling [hairfoot]), Neepnal, local druid and hero (male kobold); Tanhk, adventurer and a friend of the Stonecutter Clan [male dwarf [high]); Tebul and Ushbarte Jokulsson, employees of Stonecutter Works (male dwarves [high]); The Four Brothers, soldiers of Kul Moren (male dwarves [hill]) ~.
Organizations: The Chisel (guild), Glazers Guild (new, restricted), Glittering Brotherhood (restricted), Order of the Silver Hand, Stonecutter Works, and the Wardens of Kul Moren (the city's militia).
Dwaven Clans: Arduun, Coldrock, Culder, Eskan, Imar, Phal, Ruthar, Stonecutter, and Stone-Heart. (There are more but these are the major ones.)
Adventurers Welcome?: Yes.
Notes: ~These were the four dwarves that the Order met on the road between Kul Moren and Mor's End, during the PCs journey that ended up in Pretensa.

Village of Redgorge

Other Names: The Spellmason Hold.
Political/Religious Affiliations: Domain of Cauldron; Church of Bast (minor); Church of Brenna (minor); Church of Hades (major); Church of Jalivier (minor).
Power Center: Conventional (mayor).
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Population: 750
Demographics: Mixed [79% human, 9% dwarf (hill), 5% halfling (hairfoot), 3% elf (urbanite), 2% dwarf (high), 1% half-elf, 1% other races]
Fortified?: Yes; basalt stone (thick); these fortifications are as impressive as the walls surrounding Cauldron, towering over the village. The walls were built by Surabar Spellmason in a single week, with the use of powerful spells.
Epic?: No.
GP Limit: 200 gp
Assets: 7,500 gp
Main Import: Foodstuffs.
Main Export: Iron ore.
Authority Figures: Krank Qallar, local marshal, leader of the local militia, and member of the Disciples of the Bloodsun (male human); Sind Nebern, mayor of Redgorge (female human); Pragat Millak, bailiff (male human).
Important Characters: Alvyr Zanathor, head of the temple of Hades (male human); Ekaym Smallcask, well-known linguist (male human); Freadre ”Freddy” Winddusk, devotee of Jalivier (male half-elf); Gunnloda Smokepowder, local warmage and a member of the Disciples of the Bloodsun (female mul); Oliron Masht, village architect (male human); Rrhondaa, local druid and member of the Disciples of the Bloodsun (female kitt); Sirus Youngmay, avenger of Bast (male human).
Organizations: Disciples of the Bloodsun, Order of the Silver Hand, Strider of the Dawn, The Chisel (guild), and Warders of Law.
Noble Houses: Garthûn (dwarven), Masht, Nebern, Qallar, Smallcask, and Youngmay.
Adventurers Welcome?: Yes
Notes: See page 58 of DUNGEON Magazine #104 for a map of the Village of Redgorge.

Town of Duvik's Pass

Duvik's Pass
Small Town
Other Names: Plague Town (nickname)
Political/Religious Affiliations: Dominion of Cauldron; church of Bast (major)
Power Center: Nonstandard (guild), Conventional (watch captain)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Population: 2,000
Demographics: Mixed (80% human, 6% dwarf (hill), 5% halfling (hairfoot), 2% elf (urbanite), 2% kobold, 2% half-orcs, 2% elf (forest), 1% other races.
Fortified?: No
GP Limit: 800 gp
Assets: 80,000 gp
Main Import: Foodstuffs.
Main Export: Silver.
Authority Figure(s): Fenton Telmendon, Captain of the Watch (male human).
Important Characters: Azryn Kraghammer, ex-slave soldier (male dwarf [hill]); Devilo Winterwolf, a cartographer and an innkeeper, runs The Walking Stick (male elf); Dina Pepperwood, local wizard and adventurer (female human); Fulgar Anderwall, local fighter and adventurer (male dwarf [hill]); Lily Samual, Mistress of Bast and local healer (female human); Malina, local rogue (female half-elf); Miles, local warrior for hire (male human); Nellia, local sorceress (female tiefling); Willard Angolsire, member of the watch (male human).
Organizations: Mining Council, Town Watch, and Warders of Law.
Adventurers Welcome?: Yes, but watched carefully.
Notes: Duvik's Pass is a town described in the free online adventure, The Burning Plague, which can be found on Wizards of the Coasts website. This version of Duvik's Pass is set after that adventure. The plague was stopped, but not before a large number of the town's populace has either died or left for more hospitable lands.

Since the invasion by the armies of Flamerule the town's population has increased once again, and many of its former residents returned to fight the invaders. With the help of the Order of the Silver Hand the armies of Flamerule were ousted and the town freed.

Cauldron on Kulan

Cauldron City
Small City
Other Names: City of the Silver Hand
Political/Religious Affiliations: The Dominion of Cauldron (capitial city); Church of Jalivier (patron deity); Church of Baervan (minor); Church of Bast (major); Church of Boccob (major); Church of Brenna (minor); Church of Calphas (minor); Church of Clangeddin (major); Church of Hades (major); Church of Hansa (cult); Church of Kord (major); Church of Mussin (cult, in hiding); Church of Sanh (minor); Church of Yondalla (major); Cult of Bharrai; Cult of Kharash; Cult of Sealtiel.
Power Center: Conventional (lord mayor).
Alignment: Lawful Good
Population: 7,500
Demographics: Mixed (80% human, 8% halfling (hairfoot), 7% dwarf (hill), 3% elf (urbanite), 2% other races).
City Type: Founded.
Fortified?: Yes; the city is built inside the inner bowl of an unnamed, dormant volcano. The city is surrounded by wall of black malachite. This wall has been damaged, and isn't as strong as it use to be.
Epic?: No.
GP Limit: 15,000 gp
Assets: 5,625,000 gp
Main Import: Armor and barding.
Main Export: Textiles.
Authority Figures: Argo Flameheart, The Trúa, The Bloodsun, High Lightservant of the Church of Jalivier in Cauldron and leader of the Order of the Silver Hand (male human [axiomatic]); Hezekiah Grofus, The Archmagus, Lord Mayor of Cauldron and member of the Order of the Silver Hand (male human); Shötte, Captain of the Guard and member of the Order of the Silver Hand (male frost giant).
Important Characters: Amaryllis Greenbottle, member of the Order of the Silver Hand and leader of the Halfling Syndicate in Cauldron (female halfling [lightfoot]); Deven Myrzal, city guardsman (male human); Fulgar Crystalmantle, city bailiff and merchant noble (male dwarf [high]); Jacob Taskerhill, city magistrate, merchant noble, and Jester of the open faction of the Last Laugh in Cauldron (male human); Jasper Drundlesput, leader of the gnomish enclave of Jzadirune (male gnome [rockwood]); Jefferie “Redshirt” Knobel, minister of the Sun Sanctuary and member of the Disciples of the Bloodsun (male aasimar); "Lady Death," Jester of the hidden faction of the Last Laugh in Cauldron (female human); "Seggr" Karr'Toomba, warden of Cauldron and member of the Order of the Silver Hand (male human); Zachary Aslaxin II, high priest of of the Temple of Lordly Might (male human).
Other Characters: Abernath Vaine, rogue & wizard and member of the Order of the Silver Hand (male human); Beren and Seren, personal guards of Argo Flameheart and members of the Disciples of the Bloodsun (male and female humans); Jendy Aslaxin, Mistress of the Temple of the Cat (female human); Jeneer Everdawn, local gemcutter (male halfling [hairfoot]); Keygan Ghelve, owner of Ghelve's Locks (male kitt); Ophellha Knowlern, merchant noble (female elf); Sinclair, member of the Disciples of the Bloodsun (male half-elf).
Organizations: Disciples of the Bloodsun, Halfling Syndicate, Last Laugh Thieves' Guild (two factions, restricted), Order of the Silver Hand, Striders of the Dawn, The Chisel (guild), The Heartless (in hiding), and Warders of Law.
Merchant / Noble Houses: Aslaxin, Crystalmantle (dwarven), Drekan (elven), Garthûn (dwarven), Greenbottle (halfling), Grofus, Haljan, House of the Trúa, Knowlern (elven), Lathenmire, Linbak (halfling), Nebern (restricted), Silar (halfling), and Taskerhill.
Adventurers Welcome?: Yes, as long as their good-aligned
Notes: This is the city of the Shackled City Adventure Path from the pages of DUNGEON Magazine (modified for my Lands of Harqual campaign, of course).

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Heroes of First Defense (Part One)

Main Characters
All Chronicle Three heroes are considered enhanced humans due to genetic engineering (controlled mutation) and many of its heroes have also developed superpowers. In truth, the superpowers come from the Energy of Guardians that integrated itself into the life force of the planet.

William Aguilar
Code Name: Darkstar
Country: Spain
Hometown: Toledo
Powers: 5 to 8.
Mutations: None.
Psionics: Yes
Quote: “Get the hell out of my way, I have a war against evil to win!”

Background: When the WUA finally agreed to form First Defense, they decided to honor the First Guardian by assuring that there would always be a Guardian with the code name of Darkstar. It was also decided that the first person to be given that code name was to be from Europe, where the First Guardian was considered a hero. The WUA, since its inception, has always had to worry about terrorist attacks from radical extremists, and it was a Spanish soldier in the Army of the European Union (AEU) that saved the President of the WUA from a suicide bomber.

This hero was William Aguilar, who would become the next Darkstar.

Darkstar is a 2nd generation Spaniard whose family came across the Atlantic from Canada during the Exodus. His grandfather wished to escape the increasingly fast paced life taking over the North American continent and decided to settle in Spain. He married a local girl and William was the result. Darkstar’s parents died when he was very young, and he inherited the small estate his father had purchased. He spent his youth learning academics and playing football and was considered the best striker on his team. Many thought he would go pro.

However, Darkstar instead decided to join the AEU on his 21st birthday. He served the European Union both on Earth, as well as throughout the solar system. Saving the President of the WUA hadn’t been a big deal to him. It was part of his job. However, when asked to join First Defense to become the next Darkstar, he couldn’t refuse. He takes his job as a Guardian very seriously, almost too seriously. He considers being given the code name Darkstar to be a great honor and an even greater responsibility. So much so that he tends to be moody and temperamental.

Michael Starter
Code Name: Ironhawk
Country: USA
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Powers: 1
Mutations: 3
Quote: Response to above... “You need to learn how to relax. If it were up to you these aliens would attack tomorrow. You really need to learn how to relax... here, have a beer.”

Background: A veteran of the Central American War that freed Central America from tyranny, in 2265, Ironhawk is easy going and is happiest when he has his buddies around him and the game is on. However, when in combat he is as serious as they come. Ironhawk is the consummate leader on the battlefield and there is little that his enhanced strength and constitution can’t handle. He is charismatic but a little naïve about the state of the world. He has a tendency to not be able to see the big picture.

Ironhawk knows Darkstar means well but he believes that the Guardians will need to fight with guts and determination, not unbridled emotions, when the Darkness comes. That's why he leads the core group of Guardians and Darkstar doesn't. At least, that is what the leaders of Department 7 would have him believe. In truth, Ironhawk only leads the Guardians on the battlefield and, even then, only on Earth. (Darkstar has more support amongst the colonies of the Solar Union, which is a member of the WUA.)

Denise Conroy
Code Name: Firestorm
Country: England
Hometown: London
Tech: 2
Mutations: 3; must have a flight mutation.
Quote: “I can fly... can you?”
Background: Young, attractive, punk rock listening, bantam starload firing, kick your ass if you piss her off, British woman. That's how Firestorm describes herself to those who only see the woman and not the Guardian. Firestorm believes that she should either be second-in-command of the Guardians or that Darkstar should listen to her more.

However, Firestorm doesn't hate Darkstar – she's just a little worried that when the Darkness arrives he might get the bulk of the First Defense force killed. She recognizes that he has abilities that she and the other members of First Defense could only dream of. Yet, she believes he is not commander material and too hotheaded. Of course, many would say the same thing about her, just not to her face.

Gamma World, 6th Edition

 Originally posted on my Modern RPG Yahoo! Group on Mon Nov 24, 2008 2:25 pm.

I've recently been getting into Gamma World again, specifically the 6th
Edition done for d20 Modern by White Wolf. I've bought the Player's
Handbook, the Machines & Mutants hardcover, and the Cryptic Alliances
softcover. I've already done some work on how I'll be using the books
in conjunction with d2o Modern on EN World...

The Ultimate d20 Gamma World Thread

I've built new core classes for the campaign setting, which I've
already posted here under the Files section. I'm going to revise a few
of the Alternity "classes" foe d20 Gamma World as well, but I'm now
thinking those classes will be more for another project. Only the
Diplomat class will likely be used for d20 Gamma World.

D&D/D20 Modern Aliens for use in the Guardian Chronicles

Originally posted on my Modern RPG Yahoo! Group on Sun May 1, 2011 12:35 pm.This post is likely posted on EN World as well, but I'm saving here just to be on the safe side.

D&D Monster Manual
• Githyanki
• Illithid (Darkness servant race)
• Warforged

D20 Menace Manual
• Gardhyi (Darkness servant race)
• Kinori (alternate/hidden Earth-based race; can be rivals or allies of to
• Kroath (possible Darkness allied race)
• Mothfolk
• Star Doppelganger (possible Darkness-corrupted creature)
• Zeikune (possible Darkness allied race)

D20 Future
• Aleerin (Mechalus)
• Dralasite
• Fraal (former Guardian race; in decline)
• Sesheyan (Darkness slave race)
• T'sa (possible Guardian Earth allied race)
• Vrusk
• Weren
• Yazirian (possible Guardian Earth allied race)

D20 Future Web Enhancement
• Dhamrin (slave race of the Medurr)
• Medurr
• Sathar (possible Darkness allied race)


Originally posted on my Modern RPG Yahoo! Group (Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:05 pm), which I'm in the process of mothballing. The few posts I made there will be saved here or on my Project: Phoenix Facebook Page. I will be creating a new version of the group on Facebook but not quite yet.

Okay, this campaign idea is one I've had for some time now but I've
never really delved too much into it. The basic premise is that in the
Year 2005 portals from Otherworlds begin to appear across Earth. These
magical portals lead to various planes of reality whether they be D&D
Worlds, the outer planes, or other places beyond the cosmos.

The initial contact with the denizens of these Otherworlds is peaceful
but it doesn't last. Soon, conflict breaks out between our world and
several magical realms, which breaks the seals of magic preventing
magicks from working on Earth. Earth technology also bleeds into these
other realms, but not all of them.

Some of the Otherworlds include my various D&D campaign concepts such
as Time of Ages (major) and World of Kulan (minor). There will also be
connections to the various official D&D Worlds and the Dragonstar
universe as per my Arcanum of the Stars campaign. Regardless of the
other settings, this campaign concept will use the d20 Modern rules.

Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:34 am
Okay, so an interesting idea I came up with for this campaign concept
is that every person on Earth has a double somewhere on one of the

This includes both PCs and NPCs from AlterEarth. It could include
famous people from Earth's history or just someone I know from real
life. I think it would be fun to turn an old friend into a RPG
character on an Otherworld.



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First Defense

In my previous post, I mentioned that First Defense was a campaign concept I once created for the Alternity science fiction roleplaying game. The concept has been completely reworked and made part of a more detailed campaign concept for Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition that I call the Guardian Chronicles. First Defense is the Third Chronicle; each chronicle is its own heroic era set in the campaign's long timeline. Here are the basic of Chronicle Three:

The Basics
Many Chronicle Three heroes (but not all) are part of an elite military unit known as First Defense created by the World Union Alliance, which replaced the United Nations in 2100. First Defense is responsible for the defense of the WUA and its holding throughout the solar system. First Defense is the military division of Department 7, a black ops agency that was created by the WUA in 2125 after the worlds’ leaders discovered the existence of Watchdog Station built by the First Guardian who had died defending the Earth from an alien interloper in the late 1990s.

This First Guardian, who had called himself Darkstar, recorded a message detailing the existence of the evil force known throughout the universe for its destructive influence and incorporeal nature. The Darkness, as Darkstar called it, enslaved entire species, bending them to its awful will. The alien interloper had been a member of one of these servant species. Darkstar told them of the great gift (and curse) that had been passed to him through the will of a conclave of dying aliens who had been the previous species to wear the mantle of Guardians of Creation, who he called the Predecessors.

The Predecessors had not only passed to him the Energy but also the technical knowledge of the all the previous Guardian species. He built Watchdog Station to store as much of this information as he could and created a powerful AI to run the station after his death, which he had known would happen. The AI, called Watchdog, contained part of the First Guardian’s knowledge and experiences. It stood to defend the Earth from the Darkness and was able to build sophisticated prototypes of highly advanced technology beyond even what man had accomplished by 2125.

The First Guardian's message suggested the formation of First Defense and that such a force would be needed within 100 to 200 years, minimum. The creation of First Defense only came about after a heated debate as to whether or not the First Guardian had spoken the truth or if it was a trick by some unknown alien force. (Darkstar hadn't been popular with the world leaders of the late 20th Century.) It took nearly 75 years to bring the countries of the world together to form First Defense and another 75 years to decipher the key knowledge required to create the process of genetic manipulation.

Department 7 was given control of Watchdog Station and the organization has uncovered that agents of the Darkness have already found their way to Earth and sow the seeds of dissent into the WUA and civilian organizations around the world and throughout the solar system. The colonies on Mars are particularly hard pressed, as are the mining facilities orbiting Jupiter and Saturn. Clandestine raiders attack convoys and patrols out of the asteroid field, although not all of them are under the sway of the Darkness. Spies, saboteurs, assassins, and super powered minions are causing problems from one end of the solar system to the other.

The year is 2275.

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A New Idea for the Alternity RPG?

I've been a fan of the Alternity science fiction roleplaying game since it was first released. The mechanics set it apart from D&D, but it was still familiar enough that I didn't need to wrack my brain in order to learn the system. Also, I quickly became a fan of the Star*Drive campaign setting, especially Bluefall. (So much so that I added the Aegis system to my Arcanum of the Stars campaign concept for Dragonstar.)

Plus, Alternity introduced me to Gamma World*, and while I didn't get into Dark▪Matter until later, I've come to appreciate it for its roots in the Alternity RPG.

Yet, I'm a homebrewer. I prefer to make my own settings. My first attempt was something I called the Twilight Galaxy. It was an attempt to recreate from memory a series of scifi star systems, called Star Quest, that I drew in pencil and crayon when I was a teenager. I remembered very little, and Twilight Galaxy eventually became something very different. It changed significantly after I discovered Skyrealms of Jorune and a supplement from 2300AD — Ships of the French Arm. (I wish I had kept it.)

Twilight Galaxy left its legacy on Arcanum of the Stars as well. For when Dragonstar came out, I quickly combined my favorite parts of Jorune with Star*Dive and Twilight Galaxy; I then jammed it all into the Dragonstar universe. And there it will all stay.

And yet, that wasn't the only setting that I created for Alternity. Back in the day, there was this fan e-zine called Action Check that you might or might not have heard of. I wrote a basic outline for a campaign concept I called First Defense. The article appears in Action Check #4. I never really developed it in its original form. First Defense eventually became a 'part' of something that I call the Guardian Chronicles.

What the setting became didn't really feel appropriate for the Alternity RPG, and it first moved to d20 Modern (that didn't last long) and then to Mutants & Masterminds, 2nd Edition. There it has remained, although I'm not sure if it will stay attached to that roleplaying game system. Could it go back to Alternity? It might be possible, but I'd need to reacquire several of the sourcebooks before making that change.

So, where does that leave me with the Alternity RPG? I'm not really sure. What I do know is that I want to come up with something that isn't like what I've created before. I doubt it will be 100% unique, but I don't want it to be Twilight Galaxy 2.

Instead, I have this vision of a more down-to-earth science fiction setting. A campaign set primarily on Earth, but it is not an isolated Earth. There are outposts throughout the solar system — the moon, Mars, and the various moons of Jupiter being the primary locations. Humanity won't be alone in the system, but the alien influence will be minimal. Mutation will be a more likely divider amongst the outposts' inhabitants.

Hmm, Gamma World in space combined with a bit of Dark▪Matter. What would that be like?

It's something to think about, at least.

* I was aware of the setting before Alternity came out, but I'd seen and known very little about the setting.

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A New Day Dawns

Now that I've gone through the process of linking this blog to Facebook, I'll have more of a reason to use it. It will fun to be able to compose a post here and have it 'syndicate' to my Knightfall Press Facebook Page.

Thank you NetworkedBlogs!

Now, a bit of information about what Knightfall Press is and isn't. First of all, it is an outlet for my love of roleplaying and to showcase my writing. It is also where I often post assignments that I have completed for Grant MacEwan University courses. However, I foresee it being less about that, in the long run. I will let you all know how my night classes are going even if I don't post the end results of my writing.

In the past, this blog has been where I post my poetry, which can sometimes be a little dark and disturbing. However, since I don't really want Knightfall Press associated with my poetry, I doubt it will be posted here (unless it is fantasy or scifi related). I have another page for that material on Facebook called The Darkstar.

I've already copied over all of my old poems to the FB page, but I won't be deleting them from here unless they are a bit too explicate. (I've already deleted a few of the more intense poems.) Once I've added enough new content here, I'll probably go back and delete them all.

Links - I've now gone through and updated my list of links. Gone are the music links. Added are several links to blogs and web pages I've become interested in. Most of the new additions are gaming related, but a few are blogs or web pages of close personal friends.

(That reminds me, I must add Chris B.'s blog to the list.)

What To Expect Next - At this point, I cannot say for certain. There will be posts related to my current night class, Greek and Roman Mythology. After two classes, I can honestly say I'm psyched about this course. Reading the required Homeric Hymns and Hesiod books has been more like fun than work. I can hardly wait for my next class, although I do have readings that I'll have to catch up on. (I still don't have one of the textbooks, but I should have it by tomorrow.)

That's all for now,

Robert B.

Syndication Test

I've now linked this blog to my Knightfall Press page and its related group. If this works properly. I should post this and have it show up there.

Fingers crossed!

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Style Formating Complete!

So, this is the new and feel for my Knightfall Press blog. I'm not sure how much I'll use it, but I'm going to try to post something here every day I use Facebook. And I use Facebook a lot. Note that the links are out of date. I'll get to those later.


Robert Blezard

Two Souls

Two Souls
Copyright 2004 (C) Robert Blezard

A fate of two souls,
One made of light,
The other of black, evil, night.
One will give his friendship freely,
The other horde’s his own.
One will give his place to others,
No matter if his need is great.
The other steals the joy from life,
Growling at society’s rules.
And yet they are one.
They share the same mind and heart.

The light cherishes his family,
While the black one hates the strife.
Both would die for freedom.
One for freedom’s sake,
The other for glorious death.
Even on love they agree.
The good soul worries and protects,
The evil soul denies and refuses.
There is joy, tenderness, and love of life.
But not love of the heart.
The souls deem it too much to risk.

I am those two souls.

Updating Style and Content

I'm in the middle of updating the style and content of this blog. It has a new name, again. It is now associated with my Knightfall Press page on Facebook. I hope to be using this blog more often now that I'm taking night classes again. (Fingers crossed.)

Friday, August 13, 2010

How Long Has It Been?

Yikes! That long!

I haven't been using this blog very much since I'm completely hooked on Facebook. I rarely have enough to say here to make worth my while. Still, I don't want it to go unused. Therefore, I'm going to try to use it more.

I'm going to be taking another night class this Fall, but I won't know for sure which course until my funding is approved. (I'm still waiting.) Hopefully it will be the course I've chosen, but the course has been cancelled twice in previous sementers. I should have applied to the PROW program for this term, but I never got around to it.

I was lazy.

Anyway, that's all I've got to say for now.