Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Wow, I totally forgot about this. Guess I should get back to writing more here. Right now, I'm dealing with a company called On-Site Placement Services. They are a job placement company and are helping me refocus my education and skills towards becoming a graphic/web designer.

Right now, I'm learning about Adobe Illustrator CS. The program is an amazing tool, but I've yet to scratch the surface of what it can do. Studying Adobe products, including InDesign CS and InCopy CS, has given me a better sense of what I need to learn to become a web designer. I still want to be a freelance creative writer in my spare time but, lately, I'm finding my time taken up more and more by Informational Interviews and OSP Seminars.

However, this Friday, I'm going to be attending a seminar by Deane Eldredge Image Concepts Ltd called The Write Rules. It teaches all aspects of style, frequently misused words and expressions, the right tone for the right situation or person, how to eliminate writer's block, etc. Should be fun!