Monday, March 08, 2004

The Write Rules

The Write Rules seminar was interesting. I learned some interesting concepts regarding business writing. Concepts regarding spelling and grammar that have changed since I went to high school.

In other news, a little accident happened at On-Site Placement Services last week. I'll simply say it involved my case manager, a dog's hard rubber chew toy, and a pain in my neck. Nothing more about that.

The main reason for me blathering on here is that I feel like I'm really neglecting this blog. Part of me says 'who has the time', while another part of me says 'well, you took the time to create it, so don't waste it'. So far, I'm still divided on it all.

I've resolved myself to write more even if it is to say 'nothing new today'.

Anyway, time to post another poem. (see next post.)