Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Sports Post

Tomorrow I go to see Dr. Gregg at the Edmonton Sport Institute about the pain I've been having in my neck ever since the 'accident' last week at OSPS. Hopefully, he'll be able to give me something to help with the pain. Also, I definitely now want an MRI done on my neck. (Didn't happen, doctor knows best. - Edit)

Anyway, just watched the Oilers and Flames kiss the sister, as they say in hockey circles. (A 1-1 tie for those not in the know.) The Oilers really needed the two points and even had a power play in Overtime. They needed the extra point to keep pace with the Blues who won tonight. (Grumble, Grumble.)

The Oil have to play the Avs tomorrow and then the Canucks on Friday night. Big games, big points. Go Oilers Go!

On a related note, they traded away Tommy Salo today before the end of the NHL Trade Deadline. They traded for a young prospect. Salo has been struggling all year and has always been a little inconsistent. I was his biggest fan when he originally came to the Oilers but times change and Kevin Lowe obviously has confidence in Ty Conklin to handle the load down the stretch. We'll have to wait and see.