Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Poetry Transfers Start Here

Ok' I'm going to use this site to archive my poetry from the section on my website called The Shadowdark. I'm going to repost them here alphabetically. I'm also hoping to move some of my other written material here to free up space on The Crossroads.

Battling the Past
Copyright 2003 (C) Robert Blezard.

It tears through,
To the core of knowledge,
And the physical being.
It rages through heart.
Unchecked darkness,
Makes it strong.
I feel it everywhere,
An army of anger,
Invading my soul.
It howls, it cries,
It torments.

Close your eyes,
And you will see.
Lightning flashes,
Through vein,
And electrocutes love.
It moves from core of heart,
Through blood and bone,
Touching every limb,
Burning the senses.
Boiling the blood,
And charring strength.

Kneeling there,
In the other realm,
Is my soul self.
Hands raised to sky,
Defying the torment,
As the lightning,
Tears its core.
It cries out,
Thunder not voice,
Echoes through my soul.
The last battle has begun.