Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Darkness of the Night

Darkness of the Night
Copyright 2003 (C) Robert Blezard.

They say that life is like the road. Full of curves and rocks and holes.
That each of us must decide the way to go.
To choose between the quick and easy path or the long and slow.
And while this is true of the life most lead, I say there is more to know.
For the road turns left and right.
And one must decide between the paths of darkness and light.

While it might seem clear at first, too enter the light.
More than many that I have known chose the night.
Then it came time to choose my own way in life.
I could not choose the light.
Instead I chose quiet darkness to guide my soul.
Now some say only evil exists in the dark.
Untrue says the burning fire within my heart.

So when you reach the crossroads of life.
And cannot decide whether to go left or right.

Our souls may cross in the darkness of the night.