Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Dark Heart

Dark Heart
Copyright 2003 (C) Robert Blezard

A heart is a shadowed grave.
Life is gone.
A soul lives to be turned.
Cold fire purifies.
Freedom stands afar.
Fate intervenes.
Just a moment too late.

Breath is living soul.
And love is the only way to fly.
From the cradle to sky.
To everlasting life.
From death of soul.
To love of strife.
Humanity is my home.

A vision of devastation.
Fighting mine.
Hand to shade the light.
Burning rain.
Break the back of hope.
Its ghost resurrects.
Into the world again.

A finger points at hate.
Sword cuts deep.
Might by pen to flesh.
Falling down.
Run to the edge of Heaven.
Hot air.
Drowns the saints.