Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Electric Atmosphere

Electric Atmosphere
Copyright 2003 (C) Robert Blezard.

It happened the first day,
I stepped out of the elevator.
I knew it would be eerie.
I close my eyes and drift back.
Eight years in time my mind travels.
The memories are just as vivid.
I remember the first day.
New friends,
New experiences,
Rock thunders soul.
The mind expanded,
The heart explored.
Inhibitions lost,
Chances taken.
I began to live.

I began to see the world around me.
I see her and knew real passion,
Powered by electric atmosphere.
Every sense awoke to her presence.
She inspired the words of,
Darkness of the Night,
My muse,
Of the Emotion captured,
And the Pain torn away,
She rebuilt the bridge,
Of imagination,
The Dark Heart,
Took hold of me,
In this place.

And in this place it happens again.
I can hear her alive spirit,
Her presence is strong.
It infects my entire being.
Returns with a vengeance of heart.
It burns the mind,
Electrifies the soul once more.
I write again,
I sense everything,
Every word spoken,
Electric air,
Shocks the skin.
No one can see,
But I experience it,
The past is alive.