Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Wow, is it September already?

Time sure flies when your busy. The last couple of years have seemed to drag on forever, but life is like that when you've been dealing with tons of emotional and physical pain. Now, on the other side of the hill, I'm taking my time, going slow so I don't hurt myself.

I'm leaving for the Steadward Centre in a little while. Because Monday was a holiday here in Alberta (Labour Day), they were closed. I basically took a day off and did writing and design for my campaign world, World of Kulan. (Ok, mostly design.)

The writing project I've been doing with Silverthorne Games has taken up tons of my time over the last month, and as a result I haven't been working on my website, The Crossroads. Now that I have some time, it's time to get back into that. Of course, if Ian e-mails me back in the next couple of day wanting more designs, then all bets are off. Heh!

Yet, I want to redo my website. As it courrently sits, the current website is horribly out of date. The new site design need lots of attention and work before I'm ready to put it online.

Anyway, nuff about that.

I received two interesting e-mails today.

The first one was from my mom. She and Ken (her husband, but not my father) just got back from their trip to Europe yesterday morning. They spent most of their time traveling through Scandinavia visiting relatives and such.

(Actually, I don't know whether or not they went other places besides Scandinavia. I didn't look at the itinerary, they sent before they left, before I accidentally deleted it. Oh well, I'm sure my mom will tell all the next time she has the chance. Plus pitcures, there is always tons of pictures.)

The second one wasn't an e-mail, so much as a newsletter. There is this cool "artist" online named Jillian Ann Durgin. She is an artist, poet, model, photographer, etc. I hadn't been to her site in sometime so it was nice to get a condensed update about what's new with her and her website.

Other than e-mails, messageboard discussions, and writing, life has been fairly quiet lately. My mom and Ken were away, my dad is away in British Columbia until the middle of September, and my brother just went up north to work until the end of December. My sister spent most of July on holidays, working at the local fringe festival, but has now gone back to work. My case manager, from On-Site, was away for two weeks and I was only able to meet with my marketer once during that time.

EN World was down for several days when a hurricane hit Florida and took out the server. Tons of EN Worlders found refuge at Nothingland until EN World returned. Wizards of the Coast has a brand new set of messageboards, which are WAY better than what they use to have.

As I said, things have been subdued lately. I haven't been out with friends in a while, because I always feel guilty about not being able to pay my own way, whether it is one of them paying or my sister having to give me money.

Anyway, I have to get ready to go to the Steadward Centre now.



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