Friday, August 06, 2004

Love or Kin

So I'm writing something here, simply to write.

This blog feels like it needs a theme, or at least some direction. Yet, I'm too scatterbrained to come up with something. I could write about personal issues, but that feels too much like venting. I've been 'porting over my poems from my website but that can't last forever.

Case in point...

Love or Kin
Copyright 2004 (C) Robert Blezard

Darkness surrounds her, the chill of the cascade binds her to her knees.
A soft glow rises from the water around her as she waits under moon.
He’ll be there soon.

Just as she closes her eyes, his huge, scarred hands clasp her shoulders.
Instantly, she is warm against the course hair that covers his body.
Her gentle love.

They are of different blood, divided by centuries of war and strife.
Mortal enemies for as long as both races have existed in this world.
Tonight’s their last.

He must fight for his lord on the morn, against the kin of his beloved.
Not even her love can save him from this day of bitter glory.
A death of honor awaits him.

He wishes to tell her his heart, but the words fail his simple mind.
She is from a different world, how could he ever make her understand.
Why, he must die.

She pulls him closer waiting for him to embrace her like every night before.
Instead he pulls away, leaving her to wonder why he has forsaken her.
He hears her cry.

She cries out and cries out for him, hoping he’ll return to her loving arms.
Yet he leaves her to her future, for they could never have been together.
Elf and Orc.

That leads into the idea of using the blog as a development journal for my D&D campaign settings and fantasy writing. Yet, that might be too complex for just one blog. And I'm not up for starting another one.

And I'm definitely not comfortable using it for any sort of business purpose.

I could use it to index links to websites I like. But I can just as easily do that with a standard HTML document.

I think I'm just going to wing it. Maybe write a series of article like journal entries about my life, with opinions and such. Who knows at this point. Lord knows the stuff I've written so far hasn't been all that compelling. Even for me.

Ah well, spilt milk and all that.

Time to close this post and start another one.

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