Friday, August 06, 2004

More and more and more writing...

I am so trying to make up for the scattered updates I've posted here.

Well, as for those things that have been mentioned before, I am continuing to go to the Steadward Centre 3 times a week. Kate, one of the staff, has asked me to step it up a bit. Now, I'm to do 15 reps per set instead of 10. Did that for the first time today. Shit, the difference is unbelievable. I haven't felt that challenged since I started going there.

My website update has slowed down to a crawl, but with good reason. I am once again doing freelance writing work for Silverthorne Games. Can't divulge anything, but there will be several templated critters in their new product Template Troves I: Serpents, Spiders & Godlings, which is now due out in the middle of August, that I designed. Plus, I get to have my work associated with the great Sean K. Reynolds.

Hmm, I guess I'm not shy about talking about work related stuff after all. Anyway, on to other matters...

I haven't been updating my threads at EN World lately. I needed a break from all the posting I was doing in my Rogues Gallery thread. I do have a new CC2 map thread going but who knows how long I'll stay with that. More than likely I'll get back to it later on this month.

In reality, I've had an urge to write some fiction. Not story hour stuff, something new. However, anything I start will likely end up being posted at EN World anyway. Well, at least if it's PG. Heh!

I might try my hand at erotica again, don't know. And I don't think I'll be posting it here. Yet, then why would I write something steamy and then not put it some place where other can read it. I did have my old yahoo group but that didn't get used enough to be worthwhile.

Hmm, perhaps something more sci-fi related is in order. I could start working on updating Realmsian Dragonstar. Lord knows it's been forever since I worked on it. Sometimes I think the story has become this huge monster that I'll never be able to finish the way I want to. Yet, it is too compelling for me to abandon. I just need the right inspiration to contine the story. Then I'll go great guns for at least two months before I need to take a break.

Decisions, decisions...

Perhaps a Time of Ages story is the next best thing to working on Realmsian Dragonstar. I've always wanted to expand on the world concept by writing an ongoing story for it. Plus, I'm positive that such a story would include a link between the real world (or at least a facsimile of it) and Rielun. The question is how do I do this without it being cheesy!

Something to think about.

I have to remember to update my resume next week.

Well, that's all for today. If your out there, I'll talk to you again soon. (If I remember.)

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