Thursday, November 05, 2009

Damn 80%!

It's amazing how much I've changed from 20 years ago, heck even 10 years ago. When it came to school or college, I was never much of a perfectionist when it came to getting good marks. If I passed, I was happy. I think that had more to do with what I was studying at the time. High school was, well, high school. The Microcomputer Management program, at MacEwan, wasn't my calling. And neither was the programming course at NAIT. It was challenging, yes, but it left me cold. I needed more. I needed a chance to write. To thrive. To create. The classes I'm taking now are allowing me to do that. Therefore, when I only get a mark of 80% on an assignment it really bugs me. I don't want marks below 90%. 90+ is exceling. Below that is second best for me now. It's amazing how much I've changed.

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