Thursday, October 30, 2008

I hate it when I...

. . . forget my password. It took three times before I could retrieve it. I can't figure out what I did wrong the first two times.

Anyway, I'm back taking night classes at MacEwan. Distilled Prose and Research for Writers. The classes are interesting and challenging but in very different ways.

For Distilled Prose, I have an assignment due every week and this week (and last week) I have two assignments due. It's a little crazy, especially since I haven't started them yet.

I guess I've been thinking too much (i.e. worrying) about the research paper I need to write for the other class. It's worth 30% of my final mark, which is a little insane. Still, the Research class only has four assignments, and I've already handed in the first two.

It's interesting to see the change in group dynamic that happens from semester to semester. Several of my classmates from the January semester are in one or the other of my two classes. I find it fascinating to see how these people I already know (somewhat) interact with people I don't know.

It's fascinating. Well, at least for me.

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